Defending You Against Abusive Debt Collectors

When you took out a loan for a car, house or other expenses, you fully intended to pay off the debt. Unfortunately, circumstances can change. Cars break down. Jobs are lost. Illnesses require medical aid. These unplanned financial emergencies can erase savings, making it almost impossible to pay off loans.

Debt collectors and debt collection agencies don't care why you stop making payments. They are only concerned about receiving the money they are owed. They use pressure tactics to scare people into settling their accounts. If you have suffered from their harassment, you may feel that you have no options or allies.

Since 2007, our legal team at Gonko & Vavreck, PLLC, has defended Minnesotans from overly aggressive debt collectors. Our consumer protection lawyers have represented over 750 consumer claims in and out of court. We fight debt collectors in federal courts throughout Minnesota. We are able to receive large monetary settlements for our clients because we have vast experience in consumer protection matters.

You Have Protections Under The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)

The FDCPA makes it illegal for businesses that collect debts to abuse, deceive or act unfairly toward individuals who owe money. Under the act, you can collect compensation if a business or individual engages in unlawful activities like:

  • Calling you late at night or early in the morning
  • Swearing or threatening you over the phone or in writing
  • Pretending to be an attorney or government official
  • Telling you that you will be put in jail for failing to repay loans

Debt collectors use these approaches because they often work. Debtors don't know they have legal rights even after they have fallen behind on payments. But you do have rights and allies at Gonko & Vavreck, PLLC.

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