Designing Aggressive Strategies To Protect Consumers

If you have battled debt collection agencies, credit card companies or credit reporting agencies, you are familiar with the anxiety and frustration that can develop. These businesses make it difficult for consumers to hold them accountable for unlawful or fraudulent activities. Creating complex dispute resolution procedures is just one way these businesses guard their profits at your expense.

At Gonko & Vavreck, PLLC, our team of consumer protection lawyers makes it our mission to fight for Minnesota residents victimized by unscrupulous individuals and corporations. Our lead attorneys have handled more than 750 consumer claims throughout the state. In addition, Mark Vavreck, founding partner at our firm, has presented over 20 continuing legal education courses and led seminars on consumer laws.

When you meet with us at our Minneapolis office, we will study your financial records, loans and bills to determine the most efficient approach to address these issues:

Representing Consumers In Class-Action And Individual Lawsuits

We use the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA), the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and other laws to take action against wrongdoers so that you can repair your credit and receive compensation.

When you hire us, you will work with attorneys recognized throughout the region for their substantial legal knowledge and experience in this complicated field.

If your financial future is at stake, you should seek out advice from the lawyers who educate other legal professionals on consumer protection law, the attorneys at Gonko & Vavreck, PLLC.

Concerned About Protecting Your Credit Or Defending Your Rights Against Debt Collectors? Talk To Us Today.

For your convenience, you can reach our firm over the phone at 612-503-9248 or online. Contact us today. If we accept your case, we will not charge a fee until we win a settlement.

If you are filing a claim against a debt collector or related to inaccuracies on your credit report, there are laws that make the debt collector or credit furnisher pay attorney fees and other costs in many cases.